How to connect the daytime running light?

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    Here is the link to the bay where I bought these headlights which are now installed on my Tahoe.
    I specify that my Tahoe is from 2002 and that the original headlights do not have "daytime" lighting.

    On the new headlights that I have just installed, there are 2 additional wires (with what appears to be a mini transformer), which are used to supply the "daytime" lighting which comes on when the contact.
    When these two additional wires are supplied directly to the battery, the "daytime" lighting which includes the two rings (around the "code" and "headlight" headlamps), as well as the 3 LEDs, the assembly lights up .

    QUESTION: Where can I connect these two wires?

    On the pilot lights? -> in this case the "daytime" lights will remain on permanently in the pilot light as well as in the code and in the headlight! I don't think this is the solution.

    Thank you for your help.
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    Did you reach out to the seller and ask about this?