low oil pressure issue

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    Apr 20, 2019

    So I picked up my truck this morning from the mechanic (new control arms, shocks, and tires).

    Truck is running good and riding like she was brand new.

    Stopped at a red light and my truck chimed at me....looked down and my oil light was on and the text "low oil pressure shut engine down" came across. I pulled over on the shoulder and shut the truck down and let it set for 5 minutes...started it back up and everything was cleared and oil pressure was normal. drove about a mile and nothing. Stopped at another red light and it did it again. I shut the truck off and started it back up immediately and it went away. Got on the highway and drover 20 miles and it never missed a beat. Pulled into work and stopped.....it flagged again.

    I was talking to mechanic and he said he thought my filter was collapsing... I am about 200 miles from being due an oil change...is it possible?

    2007 Tahoe 5.3

    200,054 miles