Wretched Motorsports / Westfield-ET Pedders Day - May 18th

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Mar 19, 2008
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Westfield, MA
10% Off Parts the are Pre-ordered for that WEEK.
15% Off Labor on all installs ALL WEEK.
10% Over Cost on all tires

We will be doing installations on our PEDDERS Day, but we can't have another 2am deal, it's to hard on you and our techs.

Gift Certificates will be welcome in addition to the discounts.

We will be starting at 9AM and will work no later than 9PM.
If you would like a rental car we can arrange that, but will need to know in advance, and will need some additional info.
If you would like a hotel room we can work that out also, but I'll need to know in advance.
We will be over-staffing that day, and depending on the number of people coming to this one.

We are still working on an Autocross event a week or two after the Pedders day, but it's not set in stone, but will be separate from the Pedders Day, and will be an additional cost.

Update: I will have a new alignment machine by Pedders Day! woohoo

As usual we will be feeding everyone, might even be able to talk my wife in to cooking again, but no guarantees on that.
We will also have some give aways for everyone.

We are still looking for a GTM900 Truck to install our suspension system on. If your in the area, and would like to have your truck upgraded let me know.

More updates to come,


Pre Registered for Work on Sunday
WEDJ - GTO Rear Half and RR Bushings
Darren - GTO Cradle Alignment
geeter05 - GTO Repair Kit
1969 SS - GTO Rear Shocks Check Rear Bar
speeddemon - GTO Cradle Align

Attendees for Sunday
Black Devil
chips gto
GTO 06 - Kim says hi
billygoatmass - Maybe something?
RandomAire-2006 GTO
MaineGTO - Maybe something?


Rob Anderson
Westfield Expert Tire (Firestone on most GPS Units)
322 East Main St
Westfield MA
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