2011 Tahoe, Driver side wheel squeaking

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    Dec 14, 2015
    Hey guys, I have a 2011 Tahoe with 191K miles on it. I took the wheel off over the weekend to try and diagnose a squeaking noise when driving. When rotating the wheel with no load sounds perfectly normal (thinking wheel bearing) but I've had wheel bearings go before and heard the roaring sound as they would go. Not hearing that, just hear squeaking with the window open. Seemed like it was when i would hit bumps but now it's all all the time when in motion and breaking doesn't change the sound. So not sure what to look at! Going to be doing a ton of driving over the next two weeks and don't want something to go bad while driving. Just trying to determine what I need to look at, or what it could be. The Wheel bearing is not the original, it was replaced before I bought the truck and I bought it with 89K miles on it. The passenger side bearing was replaced at 120K. So i'm thinking its about time for the driver side to be replaced again as it has about 100K (mostly highway miles). Any help is appreciated.