Aftermarket Head Unit, ODD configuration

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Aug 12, 2017
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Installing an aftermarket head unit soon. Havent been able to find any info with the following configuration:

2003 yukon slt
Non Lux Bose
NO ON STAR, NO Steering ctrls, NO factory XM, NO REAR ENT, I hate the chimes, and have no regard for my safety or the safety of others in my vehicle.

Does this eliminate the "required" PAC (or similar) adapter as long as the headunit is configured properly (no amplification to the spk wires)??

Not sure if this is proper Forum etiquette, but I also have another AV question that is unrelated.
I currently have a GMT800 TNR Factory NAV unit out of a 2006 tahoe installed in the above mentioned 03 yukon. Recently when I insert the MAP DVD it does not recognize it. What is odd is that it gives me a "CD ERROR" always and sometimes the CD controls pop up on the screen as if it thinks it is an audio CD.
I have never gotten an error message that specifies "DVD" or "MAP DISK", only "CD ERROR"
All audio CD's (original, burned, mp3's) play flawlessly and without any hesitation.
I had a standby new map disk and I ordered another new disk all yielding the same results.

I am guessing that there are 2 lasers in the unit, one for CD and one for the dual layer MAP DVD's and this situation is likely a prob with the DVD laser But I wanted to run it by you guys in case there is a known fix for this prob.

Thank You for your time! :smokin:
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