Another 97 speaker issue


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Apr 26, 2016
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Hi everyone!
My speaker problem started when I left the battery dead for about a month. Once I had it going I turned on the radio. The only speakers working were the tweeters (I guess that's what you call them). The ones right next to the power window switches cluster.
My head was going bad so I assumed it was the unit. So I bought a new one. No change! I checked the radio fuse and the cig lighter fuse. Both were good.
I have read that the front door and tweeter speakers are on the same circuit and the rears are connected to the amp that is under the front drivers seat.
I suppose it's possible that both circuits went out at the same time, but being as the only common denominator is that the battery was dead for quite a while.

Does anyone have any suggestions?

:eek::eek: UPDATE: Just for giggles I attached the power antenna wires together. And viola! I have sound from the rear speakers. So the situation was that I never had rears working but didn't know it because I don't use fade & I don't sit in the back. When my two door speakers stopped working it was revealed that I didn't have rears all along. So, the issue is that my front door speakers don't work but the tweeters do. I don't know if two door speakers can blow at the same time. If not I probably had 1 door blown, but again didn't notice it because I just don't get too involved with my audio (it's my hunting truck). When the last one blew, I had zero sound and thought I had lost everything at the same time.
I feel like a dope, and I'm sorry if I wasted anyone's time.
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