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Bart Burriss

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Feb 27, 2017
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I am new to the Tahoe Forums and I just would like to say my name is Brian and I drive a 2007 Tahoe that is white and rolls on 22 inch rims
This is everything shes got really and Everything aftermarket has been put on myself with my own hands, I bought her stock.

She has a 3.5 inch front level and 3 inch rear level,
HID headlights
Fog light pods
Light bar that is behind the middle of the bottom section of the grille
2 12 inch subs in the back with a 5000W BOSS amp
Pioneer Touchscreen Deck
Spyder towing mirrors with smoked outer blinker lamp
20% tint on the front 2 windows and 35% tint on the windshield
MBRP Exhaust but the muffler was switched out and I put a Cherry Bomb on er
Underglow white lighting in the wheel wells
LED Interior lighting
Leather Gray interior
Rear Heated bucket seats
Rear movie screen
Parking break Bypass so you can watch movies on deck and drive (Illegal AF)
2 Inch Spacers on the Tires
Backup Camera (have it just need to install it)
I would love to drop a Duramax into her because her engine is bone stock and I do not see it being worth my money to put parts on the Stock 5.3L.
BTW she is an LT but i took off the LT badges off so no one would know lol.

Anybody have any comments or questions or recommendations for what I do next?


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May 21, 2016
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Miami-Fort Lauderdale
Welcome from Miami Bart!!

I love your Tahoe!!!!!! If you get a chance check out the Tahoe Yukon Forum Chevy Tahoe Forum/GMC Yukon Forum..It is all one forum..The forum will come up with Black background and Blue writing..It is the sites sister forum..I am sure the guys over there will love your Tahoe as much as me!! Plus it is a more active forum..I love looking at your Hoe!!