Runescape has gone from a fantasy-themed chatroom

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    RuneScape gold will strike the app stores first this winter, while RuneScape is expected to follow early 2018. Both matches are also cross-platform -- meaning consumers can play with their PC counterparts and load up the exact same characters and continue where they left off.It's unclear whether the games will each get a roll out on the App Store and Google Play, although Jagex is in discussions with Apple and Google about the matter.

    While the move to mobile could open RuneScape to a new generation of gamers, Jagex is targeting its existing user base and those players who have since churned from the game.Speaking to, Jagex Senior Product Director Neil McClarty says even though its consumer base is passionate and highly invested in the game, many players are getting old. And with that, he explains, comes time pressures on sport time due to other commitments such as work and family.

    So the studio set about looking for ways to allow users play with the game on the go, and cellular was the ideal fit. "For us it was really born from that, and so buy RS gold the cross platform element was critical," states McClarty. "We didn't want it to be a game that is new because it's about looking after our present players, allowing them to be able to play the game they're playing, together with the characters they have spent .

    "The secondary component is that we hope that there will potentially be some ex-players that have left because they haven't been able to play on PC, and perhaps today if it's available to play on mobile, they will have 10 minutes while they're on the bus to work."