Tahoe Fuel lines R/R

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    Apr 27, 2011
    2003 Tahoe with 5.3 Liter Flex fuel :

    Fuel line rusted and dripping just like the OEM brake lines rusted and burst years ago.

    I ordered stainless steel replacement set ($200 ) which includes:
    3/8 inch supply, in two sections but no fuel filter included
    5/16 inch return , in two sections
    vapor line , unknown sections
    three rubber hoses : 3/8 inch for engine bay area attachment ( fuel rail ; why ??)
    two rubber hoses. : 5/16 inch for transmission area attachment ( FLEX fuel sensor : why ??)

    I was informed that a 9/16 inch hex nut or bolt secures the OEM fuel line bracket near top of transmission.

    An internet search failed to yield a tech step by step.
    Can anyone prep me for this job?

    I was told that the tank does not have to be removed to attach the new fuel lines to the pre-existing fuel pump rubber hoses that sit atop of the fuel tank.
    Good news , if it were true.

    There are, supposedly, two quick disconnect rubber hoses at the forward edge of the fuel tank which eliminates the need to drop the tank.
    No need to touch fuel pump connections, I hope.

    However , to see the rubber hoses, it is my understanding that :
    "you must first remove the evaporative canister which resides at the forward side of the fuel tank".

    Any guidance appreciated.
    Very unsure of :
    what to expect,
    what are the obstacles,
    what is the purpose of the new rubber hoses for engine bay area and transmission area?