what was your first car. You know the one that gave you freedom for the first time...


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Mine was a white 09 LT tahoe that i have now. My parents bought it for me and i still drive it and love it to this day. I've added wheel and tires, an exhaust system, a new navigation, and 4 new speakers and i plan to keep this tahoe for many many more years to come


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First one that was given to me was a '58 Impala for HS graduation (In 1983 ! I'm not THAT old ! LOL) Drove it once, we towed it from my grandparents, never drove again (Dad sold it at a foreclosure sale :( ) First one bought for me was a '81 Honda Wagon, brand new engine. Bounced it off a pine tree :( First one *I* bought was a '71 Volvo for 300 cash. It likely would have lasted longer had I not been so brutal on clutches ! The first *real* vehicle I've bought was my '99 Tahoe, and she's growing on me :D


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77 Impala (Aerocoupe). I built a 350 for it, 2 motors, 6 transmissions and same rear end,painted it eventually,restred it best I could.Had it from age 15 to 17.I was ale to smoke an Iroc back in the day.(1987) and for me that was uber cool....
oh yeah...my mullet and Boston(More Than a Feeling) playing on my 6x9s....lol


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My first car had blue ovals disease, 93 tempo. Got my first GM 88 Camaro in 02 never looked back. I don't count the moment of insanity when I bought a Nissan lol, actually it was pretty nice.:rolleyes:


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74 Ford F250 regular cab 4x2. Had a 390 with 4-speed, headers, and glass packs, so it sounded real good. Performance-wise it wasn't anything to really talk about. It had a fairly tall gears and a silly 2-barrel carb on it.

It also broke down a lot. One reason I'm still not fond of Fords today. On the plus side I did wind up learning a lot about working on cars because of it...

I was extremely pleased a couple of years later when I was able to "trade" my dad for a 77 GMC K2500. I loved that truck, in spite of the stiff suspension.


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First car was a 1968 98 Olds with the 455..It was fully loaded and had ice cold A/C..It made my daily trip from the Bronx to up upstate New York nice and comfy.


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A '56 Chevy wagon, 283 and 3 speed on the floor. It had no starter (luckily, I lived on a hill) and jumped out of third real bad. I drove that thing EVERYWHERE.



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1978 Chevy Nova "custom" I think was a dealer package. Had a 305 V8 and automatic, it was a slug, but I loved it...