2 lingering issues 2015 LTZ

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Jan 29, 2017
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I have been able to address most of the issues with my 15 ltz. There are still a couple that are puzzling me. First, the clicking in the steering wheel/column is driving me crazy. I followed the tsb perfectly and it seemed to get better then it returned. Do I need to do it again? Second, when cruising at 55+ and I hit a decent dip or bump in the road all of the gauges cycle, cruise kicks off, door locks cycle, and sometimes the radio restarts. It only lasts for a split second then everything returns to normal. We took it in and had the software update done that was supposed to eliminate the voltage draw from the steering assist but this problem is still present. Could it be a battery voltage issue? Nothing seems to indicate the battery is bad. Any help is greatly appreciated.