Multiple communication issues

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Feb 20, 2017
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Hello. Other than the standard replacement of stepper motors or the entire IPC , I would like some help finding out electric issues with my 2003 Tahoe.

What started as an intermittently not working instrument panel gauges, now requires wiggling or applying pressure to the 24 pin connection on back of ipc.

I am also having problems with the stereo reception and speaker static and different areas working then not.
The temp/compass part of rear view mirror not working.
The driver door pedal adjustment not working, as well as the driver side mirror. Passenger is fine.

The rear wiper intermittently works.

One side of the dic buttons on steering column lights are out.

Both keyless remotes recently stopped working, about a week apart. Yes, new batteries.
The sensor for daytime running lights, that is in center of dash by window, just popped up.
The front overhead control for the rear hvac blower stopped working.
Front fog lights not working.

I think that is it.

All fuses and grounds checked out ok. Ground 103, or 104, might be an issue since I can only tell/see if it has a secure connection.

I did do a voltage test on the 24 pin IPC wire connection and not knowing if the low reading for the (4) DIC Signal Switches is normal, I am concerned that the
IPC Class 2 Serial Data had a real low reading, all the time .

I have seen information about this serial data link and issues with wire splice packs and also one about a short around power driver seat going to rear audio that was interesting.

Thanks for your help.


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Jul 7, 2012
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Make sure your battery connection are clean and tight and you may want to reseat the connectors in the fuse boxes...