Warped rotors


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Jun 17, 2020
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Hello everyone,

I'm an old school light mechanic... high school major back in 84. Out of high school, I worked on cars for about two years. I've got the basic knowledge before all this computer stuff. lol

I'm puzzled: I've been through two sets of front rotors and pad in the past year on my 07 Tahoe LTZ 5.3 4x4 and I'm on a third set. I initially took it into a well known brake shop for service because the brake peddle started feeling stiff when depressed, braking distance was long, and after some time the vehicle would pulsate/jerk back and forth when braking. I was told "Warped Rotors." Okay, I got that. After about 3-4 weeks the front brakes started squealing when applied. Embarrassing!! Sound like a bus or truck. lol I knew the sound, the sound of glazed rotors. Ok, dealer replaces. Three weeks later same thing but this time a little grind from time to time. Back to the deal! Deal and I were shocked because the pads were not worn but the rotors had groves in them. Okay, replaced. Our thoughts, defected part(s). Second set started squealing, replaced. By this time, I'm starting to trouble shoot in my head. Thinking, "It's only the fronts that are doing this. Why?!" Again, Squealing but not groves. This time, I replace EVERYTHING... rotors, pads, and Calipers. Yes, top of the line material. :) Now after three weeks I'm getting the pulsating, jerking, warped rotors signs, no grinding, and the squeal is starting just before the vehicle comes to a complete stop. I'm starting to think there may be an issue with the back brakes. Maybe they aren't applying themselves enough leaving more than the 60% force on the front brakes. Which takes me to the master cylinder and the proportioning valve. Sorry for the long story, just wanted to paint a picture.

Anyone ever experience the above? Am I on the right track with my thoughts?


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Oct 9, 2020
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Eugene, Oregon
Welcome to the forum from Oregon.

You need to post your questions in the correct section of 2007-2014 forum. Way better response that way.

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