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    Jan 13, 2016
    So as the title says, I don't know which shock company I want to go with. It is between Icon Vehicle Dynamics (76526) or Fox Shocks (980-24-660).

    My 09 Tahoe LTZ just has a rear leveling kit on it now (McGaughys 30014). Currently, has the factory air shocks on it. The pump doesn't work, and I have a bouncy ride sometimes in the back.

    I was going to go with one of these shocks with the oil reservoirs or King Shocks with oil reservoirs. I decided against that since this is a street truck. While I think the reservoirs look BADASS, I can't justify an extra $300 for the reservoirs and reservoir mounts from Icon. Fox is a $995 difference for reservoirs with the damping adjuster and $645 for just the reservoir. But like I said, I don't think the reservoirs are really needed on a 99.9% street truck. That 0.01% is on a tad aggressive dirt trail back to a fishing hole.

    So if anyone can weigh in on their thought and/or experiences about this situation or the debate on Icon Vehicle Dynamics (76526) or Fox Shocks (980-24-660), that would be a big help.

    As always, I'm willing to update the thread once I get whichever one I pick, and let yall know what I think! Stay tuned for the next few weeks to come!


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